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Old Dominion Kennel Club. April 18 2009.


I would like to offer my warmest thanks to The Potomac Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club and The Old Dominion Kennel Club for the invitation also for your warm hospitality.

I also would like to extend my gratitude to All Exhibitors for giving me an opportunity to adjudicate some really good specimens of this wonderful Breed, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and for accepting my decisions so sportingly.

An excellent entry both in numbers and quality. All my principal winners were placed according to the Breed Standard with many able to hold their own in the Show ring anywhere in the World. The Breed Standard is very clear in particular in what we as Judges of the Breed should all adhere to and that the Judges should have sufficient knowledge and fully conversant with the Breed Standard of The Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Overall the majority of the specimens on show  today conformed to the Breed Standard, but regrettably there were a number who did not, in particular with regards to the Breeds Size, Proportion, Substance these are printed, and Published by The American Kennel Club, “ Quote “Height at shoulder.14 to 16 inches. Weight; Dogs 28 to 38 pounds; bitches 24 to 34 pounds these heights being related to weights. Non-conformity with these limits is a Fault therefore and I’ll reiterate what I’ve previously mentioned The Breed Standard is very clear, unfortunately it’s the Judges interpretation that’s sometimes unclear. I’ll appreciate that overweight or obesity is a personal interpretation as I’m of the opinion that One Man’s Fat – is another’s –well- covered.

And One Man’s Lean- is another’s – Malnourished.

             Having been a frequent visitor to the USA Dog Scene in addition to having the honor on several occasions to Judge the Breed in the USA since 2000 I have watched with pleasure the Judging of the majority of Terriers at the shows I have attended and found it pleasing that in other Terriers,  the Breed Judges adhere to the Breed Standard they are adjudicating. Sadly though not in The Staffordshire Bull Terriers classes where 50llb plus Dogs consistently winning major honors. Rather disappointing that Breeders who strive to breed dogs that fit the Breed Standard unfairly  rarely get a look in, though I must admit I have occasionally and its only very occasionally that I’ve seen these fine dogs winning Top honors.

However  having gone through all of that I was delighted with my line-ups for both challenges, though particularly the bitches as I felt that overall they had more quality in depth.


                                                            Judge. David Lee.




Puppy Dog- 6-9 months.3

1st. Bauer’s & Driscoll’s- Penn-mar Blackjack. Black/brindle/white, well built youngster with strong head neat ears, good mouth, edged out 2 on better movement.

2nd. Rodriguezs – Mournstaff LittleMac at Titan.




Puppy Dog 9-12 months.1

1st. Neale & Hellar’s- Moonstruck Calamar’s Mighty Warrier-Black/brindle stood alone but deserving of his placing,





Dogs 12-18 months.2

1st. Lemke’s- Jayneze Diamonds And Guns- Black/ Bridle upstanding youngster, possessing  no exaggerations. Good head shape dark eye’s neat ears, good mouth, straight front, neat whip tail, movement Ok needs to firm and body up a little , I appreciate  he’s only a young dog he has time on his side. Winners Dog and Best opposite sex    

2nd. Fava & Fava- Tartans Not Your Average Buddy.


Bred by Exhibitor.2

1st. Lehner’s- Quarterback’s Extreme Justice Black/ brindle possessing Good head, ear carriage OK , correct mouth, straight front well off for rib, hindquarters OK  neat whip tail moved up and down the matt with ease, needs to firm him up, he would then having been challenging for the top spot, other than that I did like him.


Open Dog.7

1st. Newbergers- Quarterback’s Dark Angie- Black/ brindle with strong head, good ear carriage, dark eyes, giving typical expression, good mouth. Strong fore and hind quarters, and neat whip tail. A little fired up and initially difficult to assess his movement, but then settled to give a good account of himself and secure Reserve Winners Dog.  

2nd. No Name Given in catalogue

3rd. Caulk’s – Nazan’s Velvet Teddy Bear

Res. Reid & Folmars – Cornerstone Stellar Tug Boat.




6-9 Months.3 

1st. L & J Caswell’s – Cazomic Look Busy promising Black/ brindle possessing lovely head dark eyes, neat rose ears, correct mouth with strong teeth , true front and bodying up nicely. Presented and exhibited  expertly.

2nd. George’s – Penn-mar Cassie.

3rd. O’Neill & Porcher- Homebrewed Nalas Perfect Storm.


Puppy 9-12 months. 3

1st. Currier’s- Farsydes Pizz & Vinegar. This Black/ brindle youngster ticked everything in the right boxes for me possessing beautiful feminine head, dark eyes, neatest of ears giving typical breed expression, true front, developing hindquarters and well bodied for one so young really needs a hands on to appreciate her virtues. Couldn’t fault her. Best of Winners.

2nd.Bee & Shrewsberry  - Thunderbay’s Troubles Blooming

3rd. Quinn & Heller – Moonstruck Lights Camera AKtion


12-18 months.2

1st. Santiago & Jacksic- Jackstock’s Luna Sky Black/brindle possessing many of the required breeds virtues, moved well both ways.

2nd. Kester & Ashlock- Ash So Sioux Me At Elivid


Bred By Exhibitor.4

1st. Krejci & Porcher – Thrashers Vivacious Vixen Of MK-  Strong Headed red but still possessing femininity , dark eyes ears ok  good mouth, well ribbed and bodied good hindquarters moved well both ways.

2nd. Keal- Rugby’s Brighton Rock By Izumis.

3rd. Heller & Malec’s- Moonstruck Yankee Golden Girl


Open Bitch.6

Excellent class with depth of quality and some very close decisions had to be made.

1st.  Gasmen’s & Plata- Shogun’s Kiss of Death-  upstanding gleaming black/brindle, excels in head shape, wicked expression, dark eyes , good ear carriage correct mouth, well off for rib, short coupled with good hindquarters, whip tail, moved well. My only criticism she could be in much firmer condition , which I would expect from the kennel, she then could easily trouble the best. Reserve Winners Bitch.

2nd. Dawes- Sureshot Gemini Feelin Feisty another excellent specimen from this well know kennel possessing all the virtues of winner difficult to separate just thought 1st covered the ground more freely.

3rd.O’Neill – O’Neill’s Flashing Fergie.

Res. Luksa- Homebrewed Ready Set Go RN.



B.O.B- Currier’s – CH Ashstaff Bithynia Chosen One.

 Absolute straight out of the Top Draw , Bitch which had everything and more than I was Looking for, Fits the Breed Standard like a glove. My only regret is I couldn’t fit her in my case .




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