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Columbia Terrier Association of Maryland. Inc  April 17 2009.


May I take this opportunity in thanking all exhibitors for bringing your stock for my opinion. It was an honor and privilege with many exhibitors travelling many many miles, to support the Potomac SBT Club , again my warmest thanks to you, in addition I convey my sincere thanks to the Potomac Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club for the tremendous hospitality shown to Dave and myself. The memory will always be with me, Again Thank You All.


Puppy Dog. 6-9 months.2

1st. Bauer & Driscoll.- Penn Mar Blackjack. Black/ brindle good blend of Bull & Terrier good front short-coupled handled and moved well.

2nd. Rodriguez.- Mournestaffs Little Mac At Titan


 Puppy Dog. 9 – 12 months.1

1st. Neale & Heller- Moonstruck Calamar’s Mighty Worrier. Black/ brindle well matured pup clean head shape,dark eye, good ear carriage clean lips and good bite. Well balanced body, moved and handled well, would personally like to have seen him a little firmer, never the less a very attractive puppy, has time on his side. Best Puppy.


12 to 18 months Dogs.2


1st.Lemke- Jayneze Diamonds And Guns.- well balanced Black/brindle  young dog,liked his head, dark eyes neat ears,  giving true breed expression, good bite. Nice front well up on his pasterns, still has some maturing to do but he is still very much a young dog, nevertheless credit to the owner for a well turned out dog.

2nd . Fava & Fava-  Tartans Not Your Average Buddy.


Bred by Exhibitor Dog.2


1st. Lehner – Quarterbacks Extreme Justice. Good head on this black/brindle with good bite, and round dark eyes, good spring of rib and brisket, well padded feet,  moved well both ways expertly handled, good all-round well balanced Dog  Reserve Winners Dog.


Open Dog.7


1st. Diaz- Ruff-n-Tuff Black Country Boy. Standard Brindle plenty to like about this Boy in particular his overall balance which impressed. Good head .correct mouth. Straight strong front, up on his toes strong pasterns moved extremely well, credit to his owner. Winners Dog.

2nd. Newberger – Quarterback Dark Angle

3rd.  ? No Name

Res. Esqivel – Trustaff’s A Boy Named Sioux






Puppy Bitch 6-9 months.4


1st. Caswell & Caswell.- Cazomic Look Busy very attractive black/brindle, excellent head shape dark round eyes neat ears, perfect mouth with large strong teeth, liked her all round balance moved and expertly handled one for the future sure she will have a success show career with her.

2nd. ONeill & Porcher – Homebrewed Nalas Perfect Storm

3rd. George – Penn-marr Cassie.

Res. Ashlock- Ashstaff 007’s Faithful Moneypenny.


Puppy Bitch 9-12 months.3


1st.Currier.- Farsydes Pizz N Vinegar- beautiful standard gleaming black/brindle  loved her head shape, dark eyes good ear carriage , good mouth, excellent body properties, straight top line standing and on the move another youngster with a bright future.

2nd.-Bee & Shrewsberry- Thunderbay’s Troubles Blooming

3rd.-Quinn & Heller.- Moonstruck Lights Cameera AKtion.


12-18 month Bitches.2


1st. Santiago 111 &  Jacksic- Jackstock’s Luna Sky- Impressive well balanced black/brindle in lovely condition but to be critical would like a tad little more covering, never the less credit to the owners for the excellent condition of the bitch.

2ndKester & Ashlock- Ashstaff So Sioux At Elivid.


Bred By Exhibitor Bitches.5


1st. keel-  Rugby’s Brighton Rock By Izumis, Striking Black/brindle & white strong but feminine head, dark eyes clean lips, good mouth. Good front up on her pasterns, well bodied good hindquarters, movement good and handled well. Very Much Liked her. Reserve Winners Bitch.

2nd. Krejci & Porcher.- Thrashers Vivacious Vixen Of MK.

3rd. Heller & Malec.- Moonstruck Yankee Golden Girl

Res. Ashlock & Ashlock- Ashstaff Crikey Its Me Mate Sui


Open Bitches.6


1st.Gasmen.& Plata- Shoguns Naughty But Nice. Classy black/ brindle oozing breed type, so well balanced throughout, tremendous head without being over done dark eyes rose ears lovely expression. Good mouth short coupled with good hindquarters, nice whip tail, covered the ground effortlessly, sure she will gain her title, which she richly deserves,  Winners Bitch.

2nd. Dawes- Sureshot Gemini Feelin’ Feisty.

3rd. Luksa –Homebrewed Ready Set Go RN.

Best Of Breed  ( 21 ).


B.O.B.- Currier- CH- Ashstaff Bithynia Chosen One- what an apt name I really did have to choose her today, the Lady had to beat off some excellent Staffords to gain her win.  Excelled in all departments. Look at the Breed Standard and you see her, tremendous advertisement for the Breed. She had no exaggerations couldn’t fault her at any angle. Could have taken her home. Well done.


                                    Linda Lee. - Judge


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